Human Trafficking



There are more slaves in the world today than ever before—over 40 million.
Vulnerability, weak justice systems and cyclical poverty all contribute to this global epidemic.

Exploiting vulnerable people for profit, human trafficking uses coercion, force, and restriction of freedom to keep another person in bondage. This doesn’t always look like chains, but more often looks like psychological and emotional manipulation of the most vulnerable among us.

As children, women and men are forced to work in horrible conditions, experience physical abuse, severe emotional trauma, separation from family and many other horrors—there are rescuers at work.

Providing opportunities for individuals and creating system changes, there are hundreds of humble people dotting the globe, working in the darkest places to bring light and hope. They are running schools, giving scholarships for college, making safe places, creating sustainable food sources, filtering diseases out of drinking water, finding homes for the orphan, caring for the elderly, sitting beside the dying, holding the sick, befriending the lonely, walking beside the destitute and feeding the hungry.

Education, job creation, economic development, awareness, health care, systems change, policy…all of these are wonderful ways to begin undoing the devastation that is human trafficking. One solution, one organization, one person cannot do it alone. We’re thankful to be a single part of this global community committed to seeing the end of human trafficking. Join us as we partner together to restore dignity and hope!

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