Kierthi*, India

From a young age, Kierthi began walking the streets of the red light district, searching for her mother’s clients. Like so many women before her, Kierthi was already on the road to prostitution. Unseen’s local partner in India found her walking the streets. They took her in and gave her a protected home. Kierthi  joined her cousin Aishu in her new home and her personality began to shine. When Unseen went to visit, it was Kierthi working the camera, Kierthi showing off her cute smile and Kierthi charming everyone in the room. ‘She runs the place,’ said Unseen director Than Baardson. ‘It’s amazing to watch these little kids, and imagine what their life would be like had someone not stepped in.’ Kierthi is now seven years old and thriving as she receives hope for a new kind of future as she attends a local school.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

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