Choi*, Thailand

When she was young, Choi was told she could leave her impoverished village for a good job in Bangkok. She was thrilled. But when she arrived, she was met with a fate that ensnares nearly 200,000 women and children in Thailand. She was sold to a massage parlor, a victim of human trafficking. What makes Choi’s story different from the hundreds of thousands of others is what happened shortly after. She was found by Unseen’s partner, Home of New Beginnings, an organization in Bangkok that serves young women caught in the sex trade industry. When New Beginnings found her, Choi did not know where she had come from, where her family was, or her age. They took her to the hospital for an estimate, and Choi chose the age of 11 and a new birthday. Choi began life with her new family, started attending school and dreams of one day becoming a cardiologist.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

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