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Unseen was an idea that was mulled over for years until those thoughts found paper at meetings over coffee every week.

With a passion to use their artistic talents and fight human trafficking, co-founders Than Baardson and Tanya Martineau gathered a board of directors and began working in 2011. Unseen was born. A whirlwind trip through Southeast Asia to 4 countries over 21 days led to a lot of lessons learned and a clear confirmation of the need for Unseen’s model.


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Served by our Partners

The following years have held multiple trips overseas to our partners, artist network growth, projects delivered, countless video conference calls all over the world, re-working our process and partnership models, a lot of hard work, some amazing generosity by our donor community and (most importantly) more people helped through these services.

Today, our team based in Fargo, North Dakota, has grown to fill a busy office while our contributing artist network grows right alongside.

We are so thankful for the hundreds of people who have made Unseen’s story possible! With over 40 million people still in slavery today, we know the journey is far from over. Join us as we continue to fight human trafficking and its root causes.

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