The Irreplaceable’s: Unseen’s newest rescue partner does just that for survivors of human trafficking in Thailand.

Posted on August 29, 2017 by Danae Moran

The worst times of life call for great friends and family. The people that support you during painful moments, the ones that help you start again, are irreplaceable.

Unseen’s newest rescue partner does just that for survivors of human trafficking. Offering the resources needed to heal and start a new life after the unimaginable–education, skills training, legal help, counseling, a safe place and medical care–this partner is irreplaceable to the women and children they serve in Thailand.

Through partnership with local law enforcement, other local nonprofits, and awareness projects, this rescue partner is working to end sexual exploitation in SE Asia.  

Additional projects by this rescue partner can’t be understated:

  • Funding the creation of an investigative team, speeding up an often cruelly slow process as legal justice is fought for.
  • Currently building the only other NGO safe house in their city.
  • Offering schooling options for at-risk kids.
  • Opening a new center, a safe place for kids to be interviewed without re-traumatizing them and offering after-school programs for families.

We’re here to stand with organizations just like this, fighting human trafficking and its root causes. With more slaves in the world than ever before, it takes collaboration and creativity to combat this oppression of our neighbors all over the world. We’re offering long term partnership, fundraising training and media/marketing tools to this rescue partner (and 24 others), helping them share their stories effectively and raise the support they need to expand and continue their life-saving work.



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