Proactive and reactive work in the fight against human trafficking.

Posted on July 12, 2017 by Than Baardson

Among refugee camps filled with stories of suffering and trauma, Unseen’s newest local partner is restoring hope among the world’s most vulnerable people. Our partner’s executive director is working across the areas most impacted by ISIS and the Refugee Crisis as she applies her own personal experience as a refugee fleeing religious persecution and her years of managing humanitarian teams in South Sudan.

Their heartbeat is that those suffering from persecution, displacement, human trafficking, and violence would not have to suffer alone. They bring practical hope to refugee camps – from general aid and supplies to specialized services such as gynecologists for abused women. They’re pulling from a network of connections and local organizations to see people rehabilitated and whole communities restored.

Their work is both proactive and reactive in the fight against human trafficking. Refugees and displaced people are at the highest risk for exploitation. Women are being sold as sex slaves for as little as $35 and children are being forced into horrific situations such as sex trafficking, suicide bombing, and child soldiering. These horrific situations have led our team to search for amazing local partners on the ground and we are so thankful for the opportunity to further the work they are doing.

There is a staggering need, but as we see in many of our groups, the funds necessary to expand our partners’ capacities are one of the biggest challenges they face. Today, we come to all of you who have supported Unseen with overwhelming gratitude. Because you invested in our work, we are able to invest in the work of our partner among vulnerable refugees. This summer, we are sending a production team to document the work on the ground and tell the story of hope rising.

Thank you for your generosity and your heart for fighting human trafficking and its root causes all around the world! This would not be possible without your support. We want to partner with dozens more like this partner to train and equip them to grow and create even more impact.

If you want to help us partner with dozens of more groups in need, you can become part of the Rescue Support Team today.

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