Serving in High Conflict Zones

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Guest Writer

The global refugee crisis has over 63 million women, children and families displaced throughout the globe. The Middle East and Northern African regions alone can account for over 17 million of these refugees and internally displaced people groups. Unfortunately, this population is the highest at risk to be trafficked.

One of Unseen’s most recent partners to join the other 24 across the globe is serving the MENA (Middle East & North African) regions where hope has been lost, stolen and broken.

Unseen’s Rescue Partner’s work is complex as she serves in high conflict zones where local people are fleeing for their lives. This aid in Syria, Turkey and Iraq offers hope to women and children who have been trafficked by terrorist organizations. Many governments prefer to work with smaller NGOs like our Rescue Partners, because of the mobility and willingness to remain below radar so the most amount of people can get the help they need without alerting those who will increase that persecution.

Right now, an Unseen team is headed into MENA. They will gather the footage, relationships, and stories needed for our Rescue Partner to grow and increase the impact on this global issue that has devastated hundreds of thousands of people. Thank you for trusting Unseen with your gifts. Because of you, we’re able to serve our Rescue Partner at her time of need to get help to those most at risk. But, the work is not finished yet. Give today to help finish this project and increase the number of women and children rescued!

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