Every partner is filling the gaps

Posted on April 07, 2017 by Than Baardson

When a country experiences a large volume of need, a gap is created in their society. These gaps can be sudden, like a famine or war, or they can be lasting for generations, like cyclical poverty and abuse. Every local partner that Unseen is serving is filling the gaps that they see in their community and culture.

Hiran and Prisha* are siblings in India who experienced unthinkable trauma and were at risk of falling through the cracks. Growing up in an abusive home with a history of trafficking, they were the next in line to experience a life of slavery. Yet their story didn’t end that way. Because of the action of Unseen’s local partner, Hiran and Prisha have safety, freedom, and were able to break the cycles of trafficking within their family.

In India, the vacuum created by cyclical poverty and the oppression of women and girls is staggering. There are 11 million children living on the streets, 2-3 million women are in sex trafficking, and 300 million people who belong to a class system that keeps them among the poorest of the poor. Not only do these problems exist, but recent laws are making it more challenging for large aid organizations to continue their work. Now more than ever, small nonprofits are necessary to make big impact within the communities where they are rooted.

Unseen, by equipping and training local partners, is able to help amplify their strengths. Small nonprofits are able to have a personal connection and also thrive in resourcefulness in a way that’s difficult for large organizations. However, these local partners often lack the support necessary to grow and continue to fill in the gaps of their communities. Unseen comes alongside them as a remote team by providing partnership, fundraising training, and media tools needed to grow.

We can maximize their efficiencies, allowing them to fill a bigger portion of the gap. That becomes big impact, having the power to change countries and cultures to eventually eliminate the vacuum present.

*Names changed for confidentiality

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