“Who wouldn’t go toward the light?”

Posted on January 09, 2017 by The Staff of Unseen

Without access to education, not only does the world remain very limited, but children are at a higher risk for being caught in labor and sex trafficking.

When Unseen’s partner started working with the Gujjar tribes in remote Northern Pakistan in 2010, none – out of thousands – in the region were receiving an education.  They started with 20 boys and currently have 600 children who are receiving hope through the expansion of opportunities.  As exciting, 200 girls are in school today after our partner was given approval by tribal leaders in 2013!

This is the first time little girls in this part of the world have an education option, EVER.

While the community was once opposed to any education for women, now fathers are excited to send their daughters to school. One father remarked, “Education is light. If she was at home she would be living in darkness. Who wouldn’t go toward the light?”

The cycles are changing – from poverty, extremism, and trafficking – to cycles of empowerment, freedom, and hope.

Shining Light is making education accessible to these semi-nomadic tribes like never before in history. They house their schools in tents that are transportable as the people move from highlands to the lowlands with their herds. A primer was just developed in the Gujjar language so that children can learn to read in their mother tongue before learning the national language.

History is being changed by the work of our partners and they have big plans to keep expanding over the next twenty years; adding vocational training and furthering progress in education. Funding is the one thing standing in their way and that’s where Unseen comes in! By partnering, equipping, and training this amazing group, we are supporting Shining Light as they grow.

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