Rescue Support Team

Posted on November 22, 2016 by Than Baardson

At Unseen, we recognize that there are incredible organizations on the ground with the cultural understanding and relational connections needed to fight human trafficking and its root causes. These people have dedicated their lives to rescuing and restoring children and their families, but they need a support team around them to help them expand and grow. Unseen acts as a Rescue Support Team for our partners so that they can do even more life-saving work.

The Rescue Support Team consists of Unseen staff and volunteers, our worldwide network of artists, and our donors. We surround our rescuers from behind the scenes–to absorb the large costs associated with this work, and provide critical care needed to grow and serve more people. This is not a quick fix; when we join a partner, we are committing to the long-term process it will take to affect lasting change.

South Indian Outreach of Mysore, India operates a rape and abuse crisis center, rehabilitation home, and school that serves 950 impoverished children. When Unseen partnered with them nearly four years ago, they were struggling to raise funds and communicate effectively with their donors. Acting as the Rescue Support Team, Unseen was able to provide partnership, counseling, training programs, and media resources– to help SIO grow. We created a 1000 sponsorship cards, resulting in thousands of dollars raised. Most recently, Unseen completed an updated promotional video for SIO that was distributed to 73 churches across the U.S..

Our partners are right there where the need is greatest, but they need help. That’s where you come in as a vital part of the Rescue Support Team. We want to do everything we can to support these missions so that they can focus on the work in front of them. With your help, we provide the partnership, training and equipping our partners need to grow.

We know that cycles of abuse and poverty are being broken. In Mysore, India, kids who would otherwise be vulnerable to trafficking are now being sent to school and given hope for a different future.

This is what happens when a missions partner is surrounded by their Rescue Support Team.  Want to join the team? Become a Rescue Support Team member today by giving online at:

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