Fall Fire Recap

Posted on November 11, 2016 by Than Baardson

There is a space in between mourning and celebrating. This year’s Fall Fire gave us another eye-opening look into that space. We heard Mahendra, our local partner from South Africa, share through misty eyes the lost life of a little girl murdered while searching for his team. We also heard him triumphantly share that rescue is now at hand for hundreds through their sustainable model of care. In our grief, we can hold on to joy and hope! This is good news.

Founder of Funding Logic’s training curriculum, Scott Holdman, brought the audience an inside view to how we’re neurologically wired for generosity. With this curriculum, Unseen can offer training and support to our 22 partners in 12 countries. Yowza!
Thanks to all who came, to our corporate sponsors (who covered 100% of the event costs!) and to all who said a resounding “yes” to generosity. Records were broken as more than $83,000 was given for the mission that night. God is so good and we have so much work to do.
Thank you for partnering with us in this mission!

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