Unseen: The Heart of It

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Than Baardson

Unseen exists to fight human trafficking and its root causes. This has been our vision from the outset, but our early work focused primarily on providing high caliber media and marketing for our partners. We quickly learned, however, that they needed more than that.

Each partner we encounter is particularly good at one aspect of rescue and prevention, but may be lacking critical components to invite others into their mission and accelerate their life-saving work. Many have kids just outside their reach but lack the financial stability or resources to be able to expand their mission to rescue them.

Over the years, our work has expanded to this threefold approach:

We partner with these missions, providing coaching expertise and mentorship. We assess their operations so that our team can offer the support and strategy they need to grow.

We train our partners in proven fundraising techniques, helping them build healthy, long-term relationships with donors and raise the money that’s needed to rescue more children and keep them safe.

And we continue to equip our partners through a worldwide network of artists. We give them the media and marketing resources they need to effectively communicate their vision and tell the stories of what their donors have helped them accomplish.

Through this holistic approach, we’re using proven principles and the wisdom and talent of coaches, leaders, and artists to surround the beautiful life work of our missions partners with exactly what it needs to flourish.

It’s an incredible honor to come alongside partners like Bonita in Thailand and Mahendra in South Africa—22 partners across 12 countries—in order to help over 30,000 children and their families just this year.

These children are what make our work worthwhile. But it is the children we haven’t reached yet that propels the work of Unseen and our partners forward. Estimates say there are 153 million children living as orphans around the world. These children are worth saving, and as our partners around the world work tirelessly to that end, we want to be there for them when they need it most.


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