Changing Lives in Pattaya

Posted on October 10, 2016 by Danae Moran

Over two years ago, our staff and artist team of 7 traveled to Pattaya, Thailand. We were there with a new local partner, Home of New Beginnings.

Beginnings has been reaching out to girls in Bangkok’s red light districts, as well as rural villages all over the country since 2006. In cycles of poverty and abuse, these girls are left with little options and no hope. There aren’t dreams of careers, families, or studies. Most are figuring out how they will survive. And many end up in the dark, but lucrative, sex industry.

In Pattaya alone, there are over 25,000 people (majority are young girls) working in ‘bars’ or brothels. Beginnings director, Bonita, said, “you can purchase any age, any gender, a customer can literally purchase them by number.” Many line the streets looking for men to purchase them. It’s a sober, devastating thing to see. Yet, in the darkest of places, there is hope. And we saw it in Pattaya.

Two years ago it was a wild dream, a second home that would provide a safe place for these girls on the streets and a cafe that would give work to their mothers. Beginnings had no idea how this would be funded, and started to apply for loans. After getting the door closed from bank after bank, the staff didn’t know how this home would be paid for, an amount of over $250,000.

But, there was hope. And God showed up. Through the incredible generosity of supporting churches and donors, the homes have been completely paid for! We have gotten a front row seat, telling the story of Pattaya through video, photo, and print materials.  This was made possible through our team’s coaching, encouragement, project management, artist talents, and your generosity.

This is a story of what God can do, and how he collectively brings people together to accomplish amazing things.


Next month, we’ll come together in downtown Fargo for our Fall Fire event. We want you there, so join us and hear from another one of our local partners, currently working in South Africa to care for vulnerable kids and fighting human trafficking!

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