From overwhelmed to streamlined

Posted on September 30, 2016 by Than Baardson

When we first met Mahendra, his workload was beyond difficult and the problems continued to pile up. He juggles between offering food, healthcare, job creation, counseling, and advocacy for vulnerable kids and their families. In his home base outside of Durban, South Africa, where thousands go without notice or care, the need is overwhelming.

The Unseen team and I could see their struggle. The group was spread thin in its attempts to help everyone at once. Mahendra knew he needed a long-term strategy and fundraising materials, but all his efforts were occupied with feeding the hungry and hurting families in front of him.

This is a problem we see over and over when we first meet with partner groups.

The immediate need in front of them is so great, it can become stifling and can prevent growth from happening. There is often a gap between the resources they have and their vision for the future.

When we partnered with Mahendra, he said that, “This was the missing piece for me.” What he needed was a streamlined long-term plan, materials to share his story, and fundraising coaching.

But he had no time to do this. “There is simply too much to do,” he said.

Unseen partnered with him to take this load off his back. Together we came up with a long-term strategy, helped him cut away parts of the organization that held him back, and gave him fundraising training and materials.

“At the time we started this [partnership with Unseen]… we were coming in almost crippled, trying to raise money,” Mahindra said. “When [Unseen] came along…we came into a new place.”

Mahendra has since been able to streamline Crossroads’ services. Crossroads now focuses on education, counseling and advocacy particularly for children, Crossroads works with the local community to empower and strengthen families today and for the future.

Today, thousands of children are being fed annually as a result of Crossroads.

It can be hard to look beyond the immediate needs in front of you. But by strategizing for a long term growth, partners like Crossroads are able to invest in the future. In the long run, they are able to serve so many more children and families seeking food, shelter and safety.

You can help Unseen continue to partner with missions like Crossroads. Your gift today will make the difference in the life of an in-country leader who wants to not only help the person in front of them but hundreds more.

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